Saturday, June 4, 2016

An Unschooling Saturday

There really is something special about intentionally snapping a flurry of photos in a day and then sitting down to review them come night. So much living, so much learning!

Today revolved around soil and song. The morning we spent at our new community garden plot, pulling up all the old weeds, turning the soil, and then digging in with seeds and seedlings. It was amazing to see the transformation in just a few hours from overgrown patch to growing garden. An 11x11 plot gets a bit tight with six of us, so while we all spent time together initially digging and pulling and searching for soil critters, some of my crew eventually got restless. Luckily, there is a great playground down the road from the garden where I took the three younger ones, while Brian and my oldest finished the planting. We later rejoined them at the garden, minus a five-year-old tooth lost at the park, and headed back home for some lunch together. 

In the afternoon, while my toddler napped and my five-year-old enjoyed some treasured one-on-one time with daddy, I took the two oldest on the bus to the nearby Cambridge River Festival, an annual city event featuring six different stages of live music set up along the riverfront. There, we met up with my brother who lives nearby in the city and enjoyed a warm and festive afternoon before returning home on the T. The day wrapped up with another quick trip for some of us to the garden, a yummy kale, rice, and beans dinner together, tasty granola bars from this recipe sent to me by a good friend, and stories, bath, and bed. 

So much goodness, so much to be grateful for, all in a day together.

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