Monday, June 6, 2016

An Unschooling Monday

I am always searching for new, filling, and healthy snack recipes--particularly as the warm weather leads us to spend more of our time each day outside than in. While cooking breakfast this morning, I also made this delicious chocolate pudding recipe. It had plenty of time to cool in the refrigerator before we left to spend several hours at the weekly homeschool park day nearby. Wide open time spent with friends splashing, climbing, exploring, bug-collecting, imagining, and discovering in the bright June sunshine is truly priceless. This is why we homeschool. This is why we choose to build our life around priorities and values that grant our children endless time to play, to be outside, to connect with community and the natural world, to learn in freedom, to grow in possibility. This is why we choose to learn together as a family.

After a full morning of non-stop play, we headed home for more nourishment and rest. Then my youngest and I drove to the sweet organic farm just outside the city where we get our weekly egg share. Sometimes Brian and I question whether or not we should make the weekly drive out of the city to the farm for these eggs and other farm goodies. It's not too far but it's far enough. Often there is traffic. It chops up our day. It is another obligation to meet. But we always come back to the same answer: an intimate connection with a specific, sustainable farm is very important to us, to our family. The eggs aren't cheap, the gas costly too. I could walk the two blocks to Whole Foods and get similar eggs at a similar price. But it's not the same. There is so much more that we invest in when we make the drive to this little farm, when we support this farmer and the care and effort she expends daily to help feed our family wholesome, nutrient-dense, pastured food. It is worth it. So very worth it.

Back home in the afternoon, while Brian and my oldest daughter took a jog/scooter ride to our community garden, I got a text from a Cambridge homeschool mom friend asking if we were around to meet up for dinner. Yes! Moms and dads and six hungry kids took an evening walk to the nearby Thirsty Scholar Pub (of Facebook movie fame), and enjoyed a wonderful meal together.

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you know that this past winter brought incredible clarity for us about where home is, about what home is. I am truly grateful for that: grateful to know without a doubt that this is where we belong, that in this city is where we will root and grow, that home is here. I am grateful for friends and farms, family and food and freedom. I am grateful that you have chosen to join us on this journey, to be a part of the daily wonder of whole family learning. 

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