Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Glimpse of Spring

After a rainy indoor day yesterday we were all glad to wake to a dry morning with temperatures near 60 degrees! In February! We left the house early to meet homeschooling friends at a beautiful nature preserve just outside of the city, where we spent hours enjoying the warmth and sunshine. The kids ran along trails and through the woods and into the streams, while my friend and I were able to catch up, reflect on a whirlwind of a winter, and chat about springtime plans and upcoming homeschool classes. 

Today was a perfect harbinger of spring and I feel ready to finalize our spring calendar, which right now includes our beloved homeschool math class for my oldest, karate for my seven-year-old, and homeschool soccer for the three biggest. The rest of the week, I am quite certain, is going to be filled with fully unstructured time in nature, like today, to explore and play and connect with friends. Rounding out our spring rhythms will be weekly trips to our favorite local museums and the library--made even more special now that Brian will be joining us full-time on our unschooling adventures. We'll walk around town to enjoy the street musicians and artists who will once again fill the square as the weather warms, and participate in various seasonal celebrations, like the annual Maple Syrup Boil-Down event coming up soon in nearby Somerville. 

We have spring plans to build raised beds on our small city patio and see what we can possibly grow in nearly-full shade... Hmmm... I am finding some inspiration from R.J. Ruppenthal's book, Fresh Food From Small Spaces, which is an urban gardener's guide to growing food regardless of space and light limitations. 

As I think ahead to the next season and look forward to more days like this one, I feel reinvigorated about maintaining a deep connection to forest and farm in many meaningful ways, as we continue on the fascinating, rewarding, and always dynamic path of whole family learning.

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