Kerry McDonald has been deeply involved in education policy and practice for two decades. She has a B.A. in Economics from Bowdoin College and an M.Ed. from Harvard University, where she studied education administration, planning, and social policy. She is a writer for Natural Mother Magazine, the Foundation for Economic Education, and Intellectual Takeout. Kerry is a founding member of Alternatives To School.com, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Self-Directed Education. Her policy writing has appeared in Forbes, NPR, and Education Next among others.

In November 2017, Kerry signed a book deal with Chicago Review Press for a book on unschooling and Self-Directed Education. Her literary agent is Jill Marsal.

Kerry lives and learns together with her husband and four never-been-schooled children (ages 4 to 11) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You can email Kerry at kmcdonald@post.harvard.edu.

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Photo by Webb Chappell

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  1. Kerry: Thank you for your work. You give me hope for the future! (I'm 86 years old, three children, ten grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren). I would like to introduce you to Paul Cleveland, PhD. His website is www.boundarystone.org