Thursday, June 14, 2018

My new podcast! Unschooling And...

Check out my new podcast series!!

I am excited to launch a new, weekly podcast series called Unschooling And... that explores how unschooling connects to broader topics in education and culture, history and philosophy, innovation and entrepreneurship, and so much more. 

Please join me for episode one on Unschooling And...Freedom!

A special thank you to my nine-year-old son, Jack, for doing all of the production work! I know nothing about podcasting, but fortunately he does. He was the one who suggested that I create a podcast and he did all of the behind-the-scenes producing, editing, music arranging, recording, and uploading work to get this show to you! 

And... if you like what you hear on this podcast--as well as on my blog and other articles--please consider subscribing to the podcast and donating to my Patreon page (or make a one-time donation here) so that I can bring you great content more regularly. I am so grateful for your support!

Let me know what you think of the podcast--and what other topics might interest you for upcoming episodes!

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To read episode transcripts, with links and citations, please visit my podcast page


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